With our experience of over 25 years in architecture, construction and real estate, we advise owners for a constructive and successful sale.
This includes all the important details such as the examination of all documents, the registration of the property in the land register, the building licenses from the building authority, the certificates from the city hall…etc.

For the determination of the selling price, we prepare a market price – valuation as well as an application for a bank valuation if the property is to be purchased with bank financing.

If the property is in need of renovation, we can calculate the associated costs with our partner construction company.

With all this information, a prospective buyer receives accurate and transparent information about the property and can further study a possible purchase

In the first phase, only the most important key data of the property are sent to the client. In case of further interest, the client will receive a detailed sales documentation of the property after the creditworthiness has been checked.

We prepare a clear and factual sales documentation in 3 languages: Spanish, English and German. This with the exact information of the registration of the object. Further plans of the plot and the house. A photo documentation as well as a drone video informs about the location, the property and the buildings in the outside and inside area. The video presentation offers an authentic insight into the property, almost as if he were visiting it live. With this presentation, the customer can decide about a possible viewing.

If desired by the owner, we can also use the silent sale to discreetly find buyers. With this strategy you should allow a little more time for a successful sale.
The first important information goes to our partners in: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, England, Holland, etc. These are contacts such as: Private banks, asset management companies and law firms.

For our clients we can make the construction of a new property as well as a renovation of the existing property. This always according to the respective official building regulations.

For clients who wish to regulate the papers of their property, we will check in detail the existing state to provide our client a proposal to legalise their property.

Paperwork in Ibiza can take a lot of time in demand and get complicated. We can do this task for you, offering our administrative work related with properties such as: electricity, water, internet, telephone, alarm system, insurance, etc.

The maintenance of properties in Ibiza is very important during all the year long. We provide a measure to made service, fulfilling the demands of each individual client, ranging from a basic to advanced surveillance. 

  • inspection of the property
  • garden cleaning and maintenance
  • swimingpool cleaning and maintenance
  • professional property cleaning
  • reparations
  • alarm system
  • car wash and  maintenance

Our drone pilot, certified by AESA, makes professional aerial photos and videos for advertiding different sectors like; properties, restaurants, yachts, nature, etc. Please find more information on the DRONE page.

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